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Heleen Van Haegenborgh start­ed her career as a pianist spe­cialised in con­tem­po­rary music and extend­ed tech­niques. Over the last years she’s very active as a com­pos­er with com­mis­sions in the field of con­tem­po­rary music, old music, the­atre, visu­al arts and jazz. 

In a review of her lat­est release (Squaring the Circle, 2023) and refer­ring to her record for foghorns and piano (2013), she was described by Clive Bell in The Wire as a com­pos­er whose capac­i­ty for intrigue persists. 

In Belgium she worked close­ly togeth­er and made sev­er­al records with visu­al artists and musi­cians with oth­er back­grounds: jazz, elec­tron­ics, Japanese music, free jazz,…

Improvisation projects have always been present dur­ing her career. She was part of the European Melting Pot in Wroclaw, Istanbul express in Istanbul, Peking express in China, No Choice Toekomstmuziek and so on.

In 2022 she released Squaring the Circle for 4 per­cus­sion­ists and elec­tron­ics and this was her first record­ed call­ing card as a com­pos­er. Now she is prepar­ing a solo record (piano and elec­tron­ics) that will be released by De Werf Records in 2024 and will be pre­sent­ed dur­ing the Bach Academy in the Concertgebouw in Bruges.

She stud­ied com­po­si­tion at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels with Peter Swinnen, piano in Ghent with Daan Vandewalle and her music appeared on fol­low­ing labels: Entr’acte, El Negocito Records, De Werf records, Logos and Het Balanseer.

Available Scores

  • Punto in Aria 1, 2 & 3 for Lute, Percussion and Mezzo Soprano
  • But the Wine - Presses for Oboe d'amore, Tenor and Piano
  • Window, an Etude for Recorder and Electronics
  • Curtains for 4 Electric Guitars and Electronics
  • Lamento di Nadima no 7 for Saxophone and Percussion
  • Solo for Orchestra
  • Squaring the Circle for 4 Percussionists and Electronics
  • Feuerklavier for Ensemble
  • Common Verbs for Ensemble and 3 voices
  • Lamento die Nadima no 5 for Baroque Oboe and Percussion
  • Lamento die Nadima no 6 for Baroque Cello and Percussion
  • Lamento die Nadima no 1 for Violin and Percussion
  • Lamento die Nadima no 2 for Recorder and Percussion
  • Lamento die Nadima no 3 for Traverso and Percussion
  • Lamento die Nadima no 4 for Viola da Gamba and Percussion
  • Material Affordance for Mixed Choir
  • The Factory for Harpsichord
  • The corridor for Harpsichord
  • Index for string Trio and Harpsichord
  • Copper 5, 8, 7 for Piano 4-hands
  • Index 5.1 for Violin, Guitar and Piano


  • Entr’acte
  • De Werf Records
  • El Negocito Records
  • Het Balanseer
  • Wool-E Tapes


  • Master composition Conservatory Brussels
  • Master Piano Conservatory Ghent
  • Educational training Conservatory Antwerp


  • Johan De Wilde
  • Nordic Affect
  • Musarc Choir / Joseph Kohlmayer
  • Christian Mendoza
  • Gudrun Oskarsdottir
  • S.M.A.K.
  • Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe
  • Alex Fostier
  • Tsubasa Hori
  • Esther Venrooy
  • Dennis Tyfus
  • Frederik Leroux
  • Nu-architectuuratelier
  • Geert Van Oorlée
  • Lulu Cuyvers
  • Geert Belpaeme
  • Seppe Gebruers
  • Mary Jane Leach
  • Wu Fei
  • Johan Vandermaelen
  • Patrick Corillon
  • Robbrecht Desmet
  • Centre Henri Pousseur
  • Raoul de la Roche Aymon
  • Jasper Rigole
  • Benjamin Glorieux
  • Femke Gyselinck
  • Katrien Vermeire
  • Guillaume Vandenberghe
  • Stief Desmet and Cristoph De Munck
  • Lander Gyselinck
  • Jez Riley French
  • Erdem Helvagioglu


  • Zwerm
  • Tom De Cock
  • Finalists MA Competition 2021
  • Musarc choir
  • Gudrun Oskarsdottir
  • Kristien Ceuppens
  • Reinhoud Van Mechelen
  • Inge Spinette
  • Nordic Affect
  • Elisabeth Klinck
  • Spectra Ensemble
  • Alejandro Fenelosa
  • Tomma Wessel
  • Lieselot De Wilde
  • Sofie Van den Eynde
  • Lucas Messler
  • Aya Suzuki
  • Anita Cappuccinelli
  • Diego Saenz Mateo
  • Christian Mendoza
  • Frederik Leroux


  • Zwerm Electric Guitar Quartet
  • MA Festival and MA Competition
  • Musarc Choir
  • Spectra Ensemble
  • KAAP
  • Transit Festival
  • Opera Ballet Vlaanderen / Momu
  • Festival Van Vlaanderen
  • Nordic Affect
  • Sofie Vanden Eynde / Imago Mundi
  • B.A.A.D.M.
  • Logos
  • Lunalia
  • Concertgebouw Brugge
  • Gent Festival
  • Tomma Wessel


  • KADE kunstacademie: pianolab, tapas & piano
  • Workshop Weerklank, Matrix
  • Lecture musicology K.U.L.
  • Lecture HRPSCHRD

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