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Heleen Van Haegenborgh start­ed her career as a pianist spe­cialised in con­tem­po­rary music and extend­ed tech­niques. Over the last years she’s very active as a com­pos­er with com­mis­sions in the field of con­tem­po­rary music, old music, the­atre, visu­al arts and jazz. 

In a review of her lat­est release (Squaring the Circle, 2023) and refer­ring to her record for foghorns and piano (2013), she was described by Clive Bell in The Wire as a com­pos­er whose capac­i­ty for intrigue persists. 

In Belgium she worked close­ly togeth­er and made sev­er­al records with visu­al artists and musi­cians with oth­er back­grounds: jazz, elec­tron­ics, Japanese music, free jazz,…

Improvisation projects have always been present dur­ing her career. She was part of the European Melting Pot in Wroclaw, Istanbul express in Istanbul, Peking express in China, No Choice Toekomstmuziek and so on. 

She stud­ied com­po­si­tion at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels with Peter Swinnen, piano in Ghent with Daan Vandewalle and her music appeared on fol­low­ing labels: Entr’acte, El Negocito Records, De Werf records, Logos and Het Balanseer.

Available Scores

  • Punto in Aria 1, 2 & 3 for Lute, Percussion and Mezzo Soprano
  • But the Wine - Presses for Oboe d'amore, Tenor and Piano
  • Window, an Etude for Recorder and Electronics
  • Curtains for 4 Electric Guitars and Electronics
  • Lamento di Nadima no 7 for Saxophone and Percussion
  • Solo for Orchestra
  • Squaring the Circle for 4 Percussionists and Electronics
  • Feuerklavier for Ensemble
  • Common Verbs for Ensemble and 3 voices
  • Lamento die Nadima no 5 for Baroque Oboe and Percussion
  • Lamento die Nadima no 6 for Baroque Cello and Percussion
  • Lamento die Nadima no 1 for Violin and Percussion
  • Lamento die Nadima no 2 for Recorder and Percussion
  • Lamento die Nadima no 3 for Traverso and Percussion
  • Lamento die Nadima no 4 for Viola da Gamba and Percussion
  • Material Affordance for Mixed Choir
  • The Factory for Harpsichord
  • The corridor for Harpsichord
  • Index for string Trio and Harpsichord
  • Copper 5, 8, 7 for Piano 4-hands
  • Index 5.1 for Violin, Guitar and Piano


  • Master composition Conservatory Brussels
  • Master Piano Conservatory Ghent
  • Educational training Conservatory Antwerp


  • Entr’acte
  • De Werf Records
  • El Negocito Records
  • Het Balanseer
  • Wool-E Tapes


  • Johan De Wilde
  • Nordic Affect
  • Musarc Choir / Joseph Kohlmayer
  • Benjamin Glorieux
  • Christian Mendoza
  • Gudrun Oskarsdottir
  • S.M.A.K.
  • Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe
  • Alex Fostier
  • Tsubasa Hori
  • Esther Venrooy
  • Dennis Tyfus
  • Frederik Leroux
  • Nu-architectuuratelier
  • Geert Van Oorlée
  • Lulu Cuyvers
  • Geert Belpaeme
  • Seppe Gebruers
  • Mary Jane Leach
  • Wu Fei
  • Johan Vandermaelen
  • Patrick Corillon
  • Robbrecht Desmet
  • Centre Henri Pousseur
  • Jasper Rigole
  • Rokus Hofstede
  • Femke Gyselinck
  • Kristof Roseeuw
  • Raoul de la Roche Aymon
  • Katrien Vermeire
  • Guillaume Vandenberghe
  • Stief Desmet and Cristoph De Munck
  • Lander Gyselinck
  • Jez Riley French
  • Erdem Helvagioglu


  • Zwerm
  • Tom De Cock
  • Finalists MA Competition 2021
  • Musarc choir
  • Gudrun Oskarsdottir
  • Kristien Ceuppens
  • Reinhoud Van Mechelen
  • Inge Spinette
  • Nordic Affect
  • Elisabeth Klinck
  • Spectra Ensemble
  • Alejandro Fenelosa
  • Tomma Wessel
  • Lieselot De Wilde
  • Sofie Van den Eynde
  • Lucas Messler
  • Aya Suzuki
  • Anita Cappuccinelli
  • Diego Saenz Mateo
  • Christian Mendoza
  • Frederik Leroux


  • Zwerm Electric Guitar Quartet
  • MA Festival and MA Competition
  • Musarc Choir
  • Spectra Ensemble
  • KAAP
  • Transit Festival
  • Opera Ballet Vlaanderen / Momu
  • Festival Van Vlaanderen
  • Nordic Affect
  • De Singel
  • Sofie Vanden Eynde / Imago Mundi
  • B.A.A.D.M.
  • Logos
  • Lunalia
  • Concertgebouw Brugge
  • Gent Festival
  • Tomma Wessel


  • Music and Sound in film Luca School of Arts Brussels
  • KADE kunstacademie: pianolab, tapas & piano
  • Lecture musicology K.U.L.
  • Lecture HRPSCHRD
  • Workshop Weerklank, Matrix

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